Can I Get a Temporary Debit Card from Wells Fargo? (A Step-by-Step Guide)

can i get a temporary debit card from wells fargo

In certain situations, having a temporary debit card can be incredibly useful. Whether you’ve lost your main card, are awaiting a replacement, or want an extra layer of security for specific transactions, Wells Fargo offers the option of obtaining a temporary debit card.

Acquiring a temporary debit card from Wells Fargo involves logging into your online banking account, accessing customer service, requesting the card, providing necessary information, selecting a pickup branch, verifying your identity, confirming the request, and picking up the card. Once obtained, the temporary card can be used for transactions during its validity period.

This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of acquiring a temporary debit card from Wells Fargo, giving you the flexibility and convenience you need.

10 Step-by-Step Process of Getting a Temporary Debit Card from Wells Fargo

These are the 10 common steps to complete the job with ease. Let’s look at a glance.  

Step 1: Log In to Your Wells Fargo Account

Begin by logging in to your Wells Fargo online banking account. If you don’t have online banking set up, you’ll need to enroll before proceeding.

Step 2: Access Customer Service

Once logged in, navigate to the customer service section. This could be labeled as “Contact Us,” “Customer Support,” or similar.

Step 3: Locate Card Services

Within the customer service section, look for “Card Services” or a related option. This is where you’ll find information regarding debit card-related requests.

Step 4: Request a Temporary Debit Card

Select the option to request a temporary debit card. This will likely lead you to a form or a set of instructions on how to proceed.

Step 5: Provide Required Information

Fill out the necessary information, which might include your name, account number, reason for the temporary card request, and any other relevant details.

Step 6: Choose a Pickup Location

Wells Fargo might allow you to choose a convenient branch location for picking up your temporary debit card. Select a branch that works best for you.

Step 7: Verify Your Identity

For security purposes, Wells Fargo might require you to verify your identity through a security question, a code sent to your registered email or phone, or another authentication method.

Step 8: Confirm Request and Pick Up

Review the information you’ve provided and confirm the temporary debit card request. Once approved, visit the chosen branch to pick up your temporary card.

Step 9: Use the Temporary Debit Card

Your temporary debit card is now ready for use. You can make purchases, withdrawals, and transactions as needed during the specified validity period.

Step 10: Return the Temporary Card (If Applicable)

If your temporary card has a specific return deadline, ensure that you return it to the designated branch within the stipulated time to avoid any potential fees.


Can anyone request a temporary debit card from Wells Fargo?

Yes, Wells Fargo customers can typically request a temporary debit card. However, eligibility might vary based on account type and standing. Check with Wells Fargo for specific requirements.

Is there a fee for obtaining a temporary debit card?

Wells Fargo’s policies may vary, but they often provide temporary debit cards at no additional cost. Confirm any potential fees when making the request.

How long is the validity period for a temporary debit card?

The validity period for a Wells Fargo temporary debit card is usually limited, often ranging from a few days to a few weeks. Check with Wells Fargo for the exact duration.

Can I use a temporary debit card for online purchases and ATM withdrawals?

Yes, temporary debit cards from Wells Fargo are designed for regular use. You can make online purchases, in-store transactions, and ATM withdrawals as needed.

What if I need the temporary debit card for a longer period?

If you require a debit card for an extended duration, consider requesting a replacement permanent card from Wells Fargo, which usually takes a bit longer to process.

Can I request a temporary debit card if my main card is lost or stolen?

Yes, a temporary debit card can be a great solution while waiting for a replacement card. It ensures uninterrupted access to your funds during the waiting period.

Can I request a temporary debit card for international travel?

Wells Fargo may offer temporary cards for travel purposes. Confirm with the bank if you need a card with international capabilities.

What do I need to bring when picking up a temporary debit card from a branch?

Bring a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, when picking up your temporary debit card from a Wells Fargo branch.

Can I cancel a temporary debit card request if I change my mind?

If you change your mind about the temporary debit card request, promptly contact Wells Fargo’s customer service to cancel it before it’s processed.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can request a temporary debit card?

While Wells Fargo typically allows multiple temporary card requests, there might be limitations to prevent abuse. Check with the bank for any applicable restrictions.


Getting a temporary debit card from Wells Fargo is a convenient solution for various scenarios. By following the step-by-step process outlined above, you can easily request and obtain a temporary card, allowing you to continue your financial activities without interruption. Wells Fargo’s online banking platform streamlines the process, enhancing your banking experience and providing you with the flexibility you need in unexpected situations.

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