How To Connect Southwest Credit Cards To Rapid Rewards?

How To Connect Southwest Credit Cards To Rapid Rewards

Southwest Airlines is one of the most trusted domestic airlines in The United States, and their credit cards have several advantages. The Rapid Rewards card connected to the Southwest credit card allows cardholders to earn more points easily. But not many people know how to connect Southwest credit cards to Rapid Rewards. 

Cardholders can make the most of their Rapid rewards card by connecting it to their Southwest credit card. Combining both cards ensures several outstanding benefits, including easy management and simple access to Rapid Reward services. It also allows cardholders to enjoy attractive deals and discounts on hotels, travel, etc. 

So, if you are looking for ways to successfully connect the credit card to rapid rewards, I am here to guide you through it. Stay with me till the end of the guide, and I will tell you all about the ways, benefits, and many more. 

3 Effective Ways To Connect Southwest Credit Cards To Rapid Rewards

While most start-ups fail to survive in The United States market, Southwest Airlines(1) has become one of the most profitable airlines with its unique business techniques. will take you through practical ways to connect Southwest credit cards to Rapid Rewards. 

Way 1: Automatic Link

This method of connecting the southwest credit card to Rapid Rewards does not require any additional work. Southwest accepts and approves the application of the Rapid Rewards card. The company then automatically links both the cards together for easier access. 

Way 2: Connect Through Customer Support

The majority of Southwest credit cards are automatically linked to Rapid Rewards when it is approved. However, if the card does not connect automatically, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Call Customer Support

If the cards are not linked on their own, the first thing you need to do is to contact customer support. Call Southwest customer support, connect with a live representative,e, and explain the situation. 

Step 2: Provide Required Information

After explaining the situation to the customer service representative, provide all the information required to verify and connect the cards. This information includes the name on the card, card number, and other security questions. 

Step 3: Follow The Instructions Properly 

Once the representative confirms the cardholder’s identity and card, they will guide the cardholder through connecting the cards. Follow the steps properly to successfully connect the Southwest credit card to Rapid Rewards. 

Way 3: Connect Via Account Center

Another effective way of connecting the Southwest credit card to Rapid Rewards is via the account center. The steps in this method are as follows:

Step 1: Log In To The Southwest Account Center

The first step in this method is to get into the Southwest account center. Use your login credentials to log into the account center of the card. 

Step 2: Click On Link Cards and Input Information

Once you are logged into the account, click on the ‘link cards’ option. Put the card number to link it to the credit card. 

Step 3: Confirm The Card 

After putting in the required information, click on the link card and wait for the cards to be connected. Once the cards are connected, cardholders can enjoy the benefits of both cards. 

Benefits Of Connecting Southwest Credit Card To Rapid Rewards

Southwest Rapid Rewards (2) is an outstanding airline loyalty program, and earning and redeeming the points on the card is very simple. The benefits of connecting Southwest credit cards to Rapid Rewards are mentioned below. 

  • Earn Points On Rapid Rewards Services

One of the top benefits of connecting Southwest credit cards to Rapid Rewards is earning points on purchases. When the card is swiped in a Rapid rewards hotel, car rental, or other service, points are added to Rapid Rewards. 

  • Pay Bills And Earn Points

Paying bills with a credit card connected to Rapid Rewards will help earn points later redeemed for perks and services. These bills include telephone, mobile, electricity, commuting, and many more. 

  • Easy Management Of Cards

Another significant benefit of connecting the Southwest Rapid Rewards to a credit card is that it ensures easy management of cards. This means the cardholders do not have to go through the confusion and hassle of managing multiple cards. In addition to that, it also ensures an accessible collection of points. 

4 Things To Do After Connecting Southwest Credit Card To Rapid Rewards

After connecting the Southwest credit card to Rapid Rewards, there are a few things that you must follow. Take a look at the things to do after linking the cards. 

1. Pay The Annual Credit Card Fees 

Paying the annual credit card fees and other payments on time helps to earn the Rapid Rewards point easily. Additionally, it helps the cardholder maintain good credit scores without affecting their credit scores. 

2. Ensure Minimum Spend

The Rapid Reward offers and services are only available to cardholders who spend a minimum amount. This helps the cardholder to redeem and get better options and gifts based on the point score. Properly plan using the Southwest credit card and ensure to spend the minimum amount. 

3. Research Available Options For Redeem

Rapid Rewards points don’t expire, but it’s not worth earning and stacking them. It offers several packages and facilities based on the points and discounts on flights, hotels, and many more. Make sure to research all the options available and find a suitable one to redeem the points accordingly. 

4. Maximize The Earning Points

Last but not least, find ways to earn the highest number of points. The more points there are on the Rapid Rewards, the more facilities and benefits the cardholder will receive.

Pay attention to the details and the number of points each purchase or service offers. Get the maximum number of points possible and redeem them for a great experience. 

Related questions:

Can You Link Southwest Credit Cards To Rapid Rewards Accounts?

The Southwest credit cards can easily be linked to the Rapid Rewards account and do not require much hassle. In most cases, the cards are automatically linked to each other to prevent trouble and make the process easier for the cardholders. 

However, in a few cases, the cards do not get linked automatically, causing the cardholders to link them manually. Contact the customer care service or go to the account center and connect the cards easily. 

Why Should You Connect Southwest Credit Cards To Rapid Rewards?

Connecting Southwest credit cards to Rapid Rewards comes with several great benefits. The link between the two cards allows the cardholders to earn Rapid Reward points by using their credit card for the purchase. 

Points are collected differently depending on the payment and amount made with the credit card. With the cardholders’ account, points can easily be earned and redeemed without hassle for exciting rewards. As a result of these rewards, the cardholder can travel at a reasonable price and receive several additional benefits.

How Many Points Are Needed For A Free Flight On Southwest?

The number of points the cardholder requires to earn a free flight on Southwest depends on a few factors. Travel destination, distance to the destination, and the season of flying play a significant role in the number of points needed. 

However, as a rough estimate, cardholders will need points between 6,600 and 58,000 depending on the factors. According to an article published in Forbes(3), about 70 Rapid Reward points are required to cover $1 of the flight fare. 

How Fast Do Chase Points Transfer To Southwest?

When it comes to transferring Chase points to Southwest, the transition is instant. This means the cardholder can work with the point as soon as they confirm the transfer. However, in some cases, the points take a few days to transfer to Southwest.

The waiting period can feel unbearable in cases like this, but you will still have a few options available. But the main trouble with this transfer option is that the cardholder will not be able to transfer the points back or cancel them. 

Is It Possible To Connect Southwest Credit Cards To Rapid Rewards Automatically?

Connecting the Southwest credit cards to Rapid Rewards automatically is possible. In most cases, the credit card and Rapid rewards join independently as soon as the card is approved. But the trouble arises when the cards are not connected automatically. 

If the cards are not connected on their own, the cardholder will have to get in touch with customer service and follow the instructions. On the other hand, the cards can be linked together easily via the account center of Southwest. 

Final Touch:

Earning Rapid Rewards over the year by spending money on your credit card allows cardholders to save money on travels. These reward points also provide several attractive options and gifts. I sincerely hope that you now know how to connect Southwest credit cards to Rapid Rewards.

Link the cards together and take advantage of the outstanding offers by the company. Collect many points and redeem them properly for a pleasant travel experience. 


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