How To Pay Online By A Credit Card [5 Easy Steps to Pay In Online]

How To Pay Online By A Credit Card

You just got your first credit card today. But facing problems because you never used cards to pay online. It is a problem indeed to use credit/debit cards for online payment for the first time. So, how can you pay online with a credit card? Want to know more? Stay hooked.

I have been a bank professional for a long time. So from my experience, I can help you with credit card payment issues. In this article, I am going to share some easy steps that you can follow. Hence, let’s get started:

5 Easy Steps to Pay Online With A Credit Card:

One thing you will notice is that cards have different vendor names on top of them. Saying that you can have a visa, Mastercard, or other cards. There are slight differences in these cards. Such as numbers, CVV, etc. But the payment process is quite similar. 

So without talking more, let’s jump into the main discussion. Here the 5 easy steps to pay online with a credit card:

1. Learn About  Credit Card Functions:

Take the credit card in your hand and you will see different types of writings and numbers in both parts of the card.  The common things you will see in most credit cards are:

  • Card Number:

Let’s have a close look over your card. You can find a 16 digit number printed over it. Every 4 digits forming a group and making 4 groups. This is the number that you’ll have to enter in any online payment portal.

  • Validity Date:

Validity date describes the specific time limit the card has. If you look closely, there are two dates issued over the card. This indicates the issuing date of the card as well as the time limit 

  • Card Issuer’s Identity:

Just under the dates, you can find the name of the card issuer. Sometimes cards don’t bear issuer names. In that case, you need to use the exact issuer’s name from your documents. Most online platforms do have a cardholder identity field in the payment process.

  • Card Verification Value Number:

On the other side of the card, you can find three or four-digit numbers. This is known as CVV or card verification value. Also known as your passcode to confirm any kind of purchase. Online portals confirm your payment details through CVV verification.

2. Create A Credit Card Account From Provider’s Site:

If you are using a credit card for the first time, the payment process will take time. You will be sent to the credit card supplier’s website. You’ll have to create a profile there using your card information. Also, you’ll have to verify security steps.  Things that will have to fill up on the site are :

  • Card Number,
  • Street/Area Address,
  • Password,
  • Verification Media ( Email/Phone),
  • Human Verification.

Visa cardholders are generally redirected to the ‘Verify By Visa’ Site. While Mastercard holders are redirected to the ‘Mastercard Secure Go’ portal. You’ll have to enter the created password every time you pay online for anything.

3. Add Items to Website Cart And Go Payment Section:

Assume you are browsing a website or an app store to purchase something.  Just mark the items you want and click checkout. Then head towards the payment section and select the credit card. This will direct you to the payment window. 

This is the window where you’ll have to put your credit card details. Normally most online shops/ stores take the following information about your card: 

  • CVV Numbers,
  • Card Number,
  • Expiry Dates,
  • Name of Card Holder,
  • Address, 
  • Email.

4. Provide OTP/Code to Finalize Transaction:

In the final stage, the website/store will try to validate your identity through codes or tips. These codes are sent to the email or cell number that’s connected with your credit/debit card. When you get the code do the following things :

  • Enter the OTP or code in the website’s code bar and click submit. 
  • If you provide the correct code, the site will take a few moments to verify and confirm the payment procedure. 

5. Confirm Credit Card Transaction And Keep Documents:

Perform all the needed actions and confirm the payment through your credit card. The purchasing site will provide you with validation documents of purchase. As well as any other needed information. All you need to do is keep a copy of this document. This will help you in many future activities such as :

  • Reclaim purchase if the provided product is damaged, the service provided is faulty. 
  • Work as a document for you if any fraudulent activities take place.
  • The purchase receipt gives you a proper summary of how much you spent on each item/service. 

This is it. You have successfully purchased your very first product/service with your credit card if you have followed all the above stages. You don’t have to create credit card profiles every time. Just use the given CVV and your password when asked. 

3 Things Should Consider While Using Your Credit Card For Online Pay:

There are 3 important things you need to consider while paying with a credit card online. This would save you from any hazardous activities. Some of the key things you should keep in mind are:

  1. Always purchase from trusted sites. Never browse or shop from a less secure Webpage/online shop. 
  1. Never share your CVV number with anyone. Don’t get click baited by spam or phishing site advertisements
  1. Don’t use the credit card for misappropriation or criminal activities. This will lead you to allegations of fraudulent cases. 

Related Questions: 

Is It Safe to Pay Online With A Credit Card? 

In most cases using credit cards for online payments is a safe option. However, this also depends on many things. Things that matter are the reputation of your card provider, the safety level of sites you are visiting for purchase, etc.

Is it Safe to Provide Credit Card CVV to Online Sites? 

In most cases, yes. Brands that are renowned protect their customer data with proper security. So if you are purchasing something with a credit card, make sure you are doing it from a trusted brand.

Can Anyone Purchase Online By Stealing Credit Card Number? 

The thing is, even if someone steals your credit card number, holder’s name, dates they can’t confirm the transactions. To complete the transaction the CVV code is a must. Always keep your CVV code secret and never share it with anyone. Also, try to change your passwords in time intervals. 

How Do You Access a Credit Card If It’s Hacked?

If your credit card access is taken by someone else,  the first thing you need to do is contact the card provider. Then provide him with all your documents. Go to your card profile and block the card. Wait till the provider verifies you and sends you a reset code/password. Use this to regain access to your card. 

Final Words: 

The use of credit/ debit cards has saved our time of physical purchasing. It made our payment experience easier and eased the problem of carrying notes. However, you must ensure the safety of your card, use it on trusted sites and follow secure steps.

Never use the card in mischief activities or scam sites. That can wipe away all your money and you may face legal consequences as well.

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