How To Remove Credit Cards From Apple ID?

How To Remove Credit Cards From Apple ID

Apple users make their purchases from the App Store and iTunes by using various credit card services, such as AMEX, MasterCard, Visa, and other commonly used types. That’s why as an Apple user, you need to provide your credit card information during the purchase.

When you provide your credit card information once then it automatically connects to your Apple ID. It will make your further purchasing from the App Store easier and quicker. However, the issues come when you want to remove your credit card from the Apple ID.

Though removing a credit card from Apple ID is not a complex task, but many people fail to do that due to not knowing the correct steps. For them, this article will be a complete step-by-step guide on how to remove credit cards from Apple ID. So, let’s get started:

6 Steps To Remove Credit Card From Apple ID On iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad:

Here I show you the right way to remove a credit card from the Apple ID. The following 6 steps will work if you’re an iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad user:

Step- 1: Find out the ‘Setting’ menu from your home screen. There you will see the ‘iTunes & App Store’ option. Click on it.

Step- 2: Then look at the top, there you will see your name. Tap onto it until the window  ‘View Apple ID.’ is open.

Step- 3: From there, click on the ‘Payment & Shipping’ and then ‘Manage Payments.’ There you have to sign in again to your Apple ID.

Step- 4: You will get the’ Edit’ option at the top of the ‘Manage Payments’ page. Press on that.

Step- 5: When you click on the ‘Edit,’ you will see the below options:

  • ‘Add Payment Method,’ press on that if you want to add a new payment method.
  • Click your ‘Payment Method’ and edit the information if you want to update it.
  • For changing payment methods of your order, tap the ‘Edit’ to move the order icon.
  • To remove your payment method, click on ‘Edit’ and then ‘Delete.’

Step- 6: From these above options, choose the last one, and that is from the ‘Edit’ option to the ‘Delete,’ which is red in color. Then select ‘Remove’ to confirm which credit or payment method you’re going to exclude.

And after that, your credit card is successfully removed from your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad Apple ID. 

6 Steps To Remove Credit Card From PC & Mac’s Apple ID:

The following 6 steps will help you to remove credit card from PC & Mac’s Apple ID:

Step- 1: First, search the ‘App Store’ on your PC or open it on the Mac.

Step- 2: You’ll see the ‘Sign-in’ or the ‘Name’ option at the bottom left sidebar. And then ‘Click View Information.’

Step- 3: Then click to the ‘Payment Information’ and from there ‘Manage Payments’. If you’re an older version Mac user, click on the  ‘Edit’ to complete this step.

Step- 4: Next, you will be asked for another sign-in. Use your Apple ID and password to do that.

Step- 5: After that, a few options are opened to you. These options allow you to do these below things:

  • Update Your Payment Method: Click ‘Edit’ to ‘Payment Method.’
  • Add a new Payment Method: Click ‘Add Payment.’
  • Remove A Payment Method: Click ‘Edit’ to ‘Payment Method’ to ‘Remove.’
  • Orders’ Payment Method Changing: Move the ‘Order Icon.’

Step- 6: To remove your credit from the Apple ID on PC & Mac, select ‘Edit’ to ‘Payment Method’ to ‘Remove among the given options. And that’s it, you’re done.

5 Steps To Remove Credit Card From Non-Apple Devices’ Apple ID:

Suppose you use the Apple iTunes service in your non-Apple device like Google Chromebook or Android. In that case, you have to follow a different method to remove credit cards from the Apple ID:

Below, I am going to tell you the 5 steps to remove credit cards from non-Apple devices’ Apple ID:

Step- 1: Open the Apple iTunes service or Apple Music App on your non-Apple device.

Step- 2: At the upper-right corner, you will get the ‘Menu’ option. Click on it and then ‘Account.’

Step- 3: From there, go to ‘Payment Information.’

Step- 4: Here, you will get the ‘Remove or Change’

Step- 5: To remove your credit card, select ‘None.’ If your name and billing address accurately match, then click ‘Done’ to finish the process.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Did You Fail To Remove A Credit Card From Your Apple ID?

If you follow all the steps given by me correctly, then removing a credit card from the Apple ID should not be a problem. When you follow all the steps accurately and still fail to remove your credit card, there is something wrong with your Apple ID.

According to Apple’s Support, because of 4 reasons, you may fail to remove credit cards from an Apple ID:

  1. Check there is an active subscription in your Apple ID? If there, then you have to wait until the subscription is over.
  1. If you have any due payment balance in your Apple ID, pay it immediately.
  1. Make sure that you turn off all those purchasing services that are under the ‘Family Sharing’ package.
  1. Check the Apple ID’s region or country and change it if required.

It is wise to check all these 4 things before removing a credit card from the Apple ID. If you face any of these issues, solve them and then try again. 

Hopefully, now you will be able to remove your credit card from your Apple ID. If you still face any difficulties, contact the ‘Official Apple Support.’ 

What Happens After Removing Credit Card From Apple ID?

If you remove the credit card from the Apple ID, you will not be allowed to purchase services from both the App Store and iTunes anymore. As a result, you will miss all the exciting deals and the new services from Apple in the future.


After finishing my entire article, I hope all your confusion about removing credit cards from Apple ID is gone. Because in my article, I showed you how to do that on both Apple and non-Apple devices. If you find this article helpful, share it with others.

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