How To Remove Credit Cards From Zoom?

How To Remove Credit Cards From Zoom

Many of you often forget to unsubscribe or remove your credit card information from the Zoom account. And then you get frustrated when finding that Zoom charged from your credit card. It often happens with us, but so far, no one wrote any proper article on how to remove credit cards from Zoom.

However, I faced this situation in the last month and suffered a lot due to the lack of information. That’s why today I’m going to write this article.

Before going into further discussion, I want to make one thing clear to you that you’re not allowed to remove your credit card completely or delete the payment information permanently from Zoom. But you can easily unsubscribe from the auto-renewal and ask for a refund at any time.

I’ve already mentioned that I learned from my practical experience. And it’ll help me to show you the right way. Let’s started:

5 Steps To Cancel Your Zoom Subscription? [Desktop & Mobile]

You can cancel your Zoom subscription at any time by using both your desktop and mobile. In this part of my article, I’ll show you the right method to do it.

Hence, follow these simple 5 steps to cancel your Zoom subscription (it’ll applicable for both the desktop and mobile):

Step 1- Sign In:

At first, you need to sign in to your zoom account with a desktop or mobile. Always choose a browser for Zoom web portal sign in. For the mobile, you can set ‘Desktop View’ to get a better sight.

Step 2- Cancel Your Subscription:

After that, click on the ‘Account Management,’ and from that to ‘Billing.’ There, all your ‘Current Plans’ will be shown.

Among these plans, you’ve to select the one which you want to cancel. Then click on the ‘Cancel Subscription.’ It’ll also stop further auto-renewals.

Step 3- Confirm Your Request:

After clicking on the ‘Cancel Subscription,’ Zoom will show you the below image as a notification. And ask you for the reconfirmation of canceling. 

Then click again on ‘Cancel Subscription’ to confirm your request. If you do that mistakenly, you’ll also get the option to undo your action.

Step 4- Tell The Reason Of Your Cancelling:

Zoom will also ask for your feedback about why you are canceling their subscription. They’ll give you the option to choose your canceling reason from your list. 

If your Zoom subscription canceling reason does not match their providing list, you can write your actual reason in the comment box. And then click on submit.

Step 5-Recheck Your Subscription Status:

After clicking the submit option, we are successfully able to cancel our Zoom subscription. Now, we need to go back again to your ‘Current Plans’ for rechecking your subscription status. You’ll find the status ‘Cancelled.’

Anyway, you have the option to reactivate it again by just clicking on the ‘Reactive Plan.’

How To Stop Auto Renewal And Ask For A Quick Refund In Zoom? (Proven)

2 months ago, I purchased a Zoom subscription for only 1 month. But mistakenly, I turned on the auto-renewal service. As a result, this month, the subscription charge money is cut off from my credit card. 

Then I took on too much stress and faced so many difficulties because, at that time, I didn’t know how to ask for a refund in Zoom. So, it takes too long for me to get my refund.

Anyway, I’m here to help you with my experience. Here you’ll know how to ask for a quick Zoom refund in the right way. Most importantly, the following steps are practically proven and also recommended by the Zoom authority:

Step- 1: Sign in to your Zoom account from a browser of your mobile or desktop.

Step- 2: Click on the ‘Account Management,’ you’ll find the option ‘Billing.’ Click on that.

Step- 3: After that, you’ll be able to see your ‘Current Plans.’ There you’ll get all the information about your using plans. From these options, choose the plans which you want to cancel.

Then select the plan which you want to cancel and click on the ‘Cancel Subscription.’ With that, you can stop the auto-renewal in Zoom. 

Step- 4: Later, click on the ‘ Need Help.’ The following window shows you the amount that will be refunded to you by the zoom.

Step- 5: Then agree to Zoom’s refund terms and click on the ‘Cancel and Refund.’

  • Important Notes: Your account needs to be eligible for getting the refund, and you’ve not used it after the last billed. You should apply for a refund within 90 days of purchasing.

How Long Does Zoom Take To Refund Your Money In Credit Card?

If you follow the right to apply for a refund, you’ll receive it in a short period. The refund amount is directly added to your credit card. 

According to my findings, you’ve to wait at least 5-6 days for getting the refund. In my case, Zoom took 4 working days to refund my money. 

What Should You Do If Unable To Cancel Your Zoom Subscription?

You can easily cancel your Zoom subscription at any time by following my provided guidelines. But still, if you are unable to cancel your subscription, you can do a live chat from the official Zoom site or send them a mail [email protected]. address with the proper information.

During the cancellation process, if you see the notification ‘Contact Sells’, then you won’t be able to cancel your Zoom subscription by yourself. In this case, you need to mail them officially or should contact the sales. This issue is generally happening with those Zoom accounts, which are set up with a dedicated account executive or free trials.

Can You Cancel Your Subscription By Using The Zoom App?

No, you can’t cancel your subscription by using the Zoom app. For canceling the subscription, you must sign in from your desktop or mobile browsers. 

Final Verdict:

By following my article, you’ll be able to solve all the payment or refund related issues of Zoom. So, share it with your friends who still don’t know how to remove credit cards from Zoom.

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