How To Use Multiple Credit Cards For One Purchase?

How To Use Multiple Credit Cards For One Purchase

Splitting payments using more than one credit card has recently gained outstanding popularity and are helpful in many ways. However, not everyone knows how to use multiple credit cards for one purchase. 

Nowadays, not many people prefer carrying cash, resulting in them getting multiple credit cards. In fact, According to data from March 2018, in The United States, credit cards are known to be one of the most significant sources of liquidity based on household consumption. (1)

Ever since I started using split payments, my life has changed. And thus, I have pieced this guide together for you. So, let me help you with the ways of using multiple credit cards for one transaction and several other important tips about the topic. 

5 Ways To Use Multiple Credit Cards For One Purchase

Credit cards have changed our understanding of money by an excellent mark. These cards have also redefined the concept of payments and other transactions. Here, I will look at how to use multiple credit cards for one purchase. 

Way 1: Credit Card – Gift Card Combination 

One of the most popular ways of splitting payments or using multiple credit cards for a transaction is the combination of credit cards and gift cards. However, this method is only available for online retailers or shops that support gift cards. Let us take a look at the steps in this method. 

Step 1: Purchase And Add A Gift Card 

The first step in this method is to purchase a gift card from the shop or website with a credit card. Add the purchased gift card to the wallet or balance. Gift cards are available in several amounts, such as $5, $10, $50, and so on. 

Step 2: Redeem The Gift Card 

Go to check out after completing the shopping and redeem the gift card to pay for the items. Check the amount remaining to pay after redeeming the gift card. 

Step 3: Use Another Credit Card

Add another credit card to the wallet of the website. Pay the remaining amount with a credit card and confirm the purchase. Voila! One purchase with more than one credit card is successful. 

Way 2: In-Store Credit Card Use

Using multiple credit cards for a single purchase is easy when doing in-store shopping. The steps of using multiple credit cards in offline stores are as follows.

Step 1: Check Out The Items and Use A Credit Card

In this method, the first step is to check out the items at the payment counter. Use a credit card to pay half of the amount suitable to you based on the entire bill.

Step 2: Use A Second Card

Use a second credit card to pay the amount remaining on the bill and complete the transaction. However, depending on their requirements, customers can use more than two credit cards to pay the entire bill. 

Way 3: Mobile Payment

Young people are increasingly favoring mobile payment apps over traditional payment methods. A genuine and fast way of using multiple credit cards in a single transaction is to use mobile payment. Let us take a look at the steps in this method. 

Step 1: Add Your Credit Cards To The Mobile Payment App

Add multiple credit cards and their information to the mobile payment app correctly. Transfer balance from the cards to the app’s wallet depending on the requirement. 

Step 2: Confirm The Payment

The second step is to pay the bill with the mobile payment app. Confirm the transaction, and the payment is successful. 

Way 4: Third-Party Digital Tool

The third-party digital tool is an innovative and unique way of making one purchase using multiple cards. The steps in this method are as follows:

Step 1: Create An Account and Add The Credit Cards

The first step in this method is to create a free account on the tool. Attach the information of all the credit cards in the tool. Debit cards can also be attached to this. 

Step 2: Allow The Tool To Combine The Cards

After attaching all the credit cards to the third-party tool, wait for the tool to work. The app will combine all the card information and balance to build one integrated card. 

Step 3: Make The Payment 

Once the new combined card from the tool is ready, use the card to make the payment. Using the card, confirm the purchase and complete the payment.

Way 5: Pay Separately 

Lastly, it is another way of paying for a purchase with multiple credit cards. However, the process is quite time-consuming. So, let us see the steps in this method. 

Step 1: Move A Few Items To Checkout And Pay

The initial step is to add all the items to the cart. After that, move a few things from the cart to check out. Use a credit card to pay for those specific items and confirm the purchase. 

Step 2: Reload The Page And Checkout The Remaining Items

After confirming the first purchase, reload the page to update the cart. Move the remaining items to check out from the cart. Use a second credit card to pay for the remaining items and complete the transaction. This step can be repeated if the customer wants to use more than two credit cards. 

Benefits Of Using Multiple Credit Cards For One Purchase

When it comes to using multiple credit cards for one purchase, there are several benefits. These include rewards, good credit scores, and many more. Let’s take a look at the benefits and how they are helpful. 

  • Maximum Credit Rewards

Using multiple credit cards provides rewards, cashback, and bonuses based on purchase history. This money can be spent on these rewards, or cash back can be credited to an account. Travel hours can also be added to the card with a few bonuses, allowing more cost-effective travel.

  • Low Credit Utilization Ratio

A good credit utilization ratio is complex while relying on a single credit card. Using the majority amount of credit available decreases credit utilization score significantly. On the other hand, multiple cards and using 30 to 50% of the available credit will lower the ratio. This will allow the card owners to get various exciting offers and opportunities. 

  • Good Credit Score

Using more than one credit card and paying all fees and payments on time will ensure a good credit score. As the number of cards increases, the credit limit increases. The pressure on one card decreases, and the available credit remains at a high rate. 

There are several perks of having a good credit score based on multiple credit cards. A decent credit score will give users more opportunities and facilities on credit cards and transactions. 

  • Financial Backup

Access to more than one credit card ensures a higher credit limit for the cardholder. This allows users to spend more money and provides a decent balance in emergencies. 

3 Tips To Manage Multiple Credit Cards To Make Online Purchases Easier

Several tips and tricks can help to manage credit cards easily. These tips will also help while securing online payments. So, let us look at the tips for managing multiple credit cards. 

Tip 1: Use Trusted Payments Or Apps 

One of the essential tips for managing credit cards is to use trusted payment tools or apps for online purchases. Using unverified or unsafe apps can cause risk to the safety of the card and is easy to hack. 

Tip 2: Calculate Expenses Properly

Before making a purchase online, make sure that the cost is affordable and does not pressure the credit limit. Calculate all the expenses correctly before confirming a purchase. 

Tip 3: Do Not Leave Credit Cards Unused

To ensure the proper rewards, bonuses, and cashback on credit cards, use them properly. Not using or keeping the credit card dormant will affect the credit utilization ratio and credit score. This, in turn, will affect or reduce the opportunities or perks the user will receive on the credit score and utilization ratio. 

Related Questions:

Can You Use Two Credit Cards For One Amazon Purchase?

Two credit cards can be used for one Amazon purchase. However, both cards cannot be used directly in one transaction. In cases like these, customers have to depend on the gift card – credit card balance. 

Purchase a gift card on Amazon with a credit card and redeem it during checkout. Now take out another credit card and use it to pay for the remaining balance of the product. Confirm the transaction of both gift card and credit card to make the payment successful. 

What Is The Common Mistake Of Using Multiple Credit Cards For One Purchase?

A common mistake people make while using multiple credit cards for one purchase is using the wrong card. Users frequently rely on cards with bonuses, cashback, etc., on investments to get a decent reward. However, remembering all the cashback and bonuses of multiple credit cards is not always possible, which led to the mistake. 

Not only that, but many people also input the same credit card twice by mistake instead of using multiple cards. This causes the credit limit to decrease and affects the score of the credit card. 

Why Should You Increase Payments On Your Credit Card?

Maintaining a good credit score and low credit utilization ratio is essential to receive maximum rewards, perks, and bonuses. Using the credit limit sensibly also helps with the rewards. Increasing credit card payments will help avoid the hassle and effect of missing or paying a late fee. 

Late or irregular payments on the credit card will significantly affect the credit utilization ratio and credit score of the card. This will not only negatively impact the statement but also reduce the perks and benefits the user receives. 

How Do You Manage Your Credit Card Payments?

Managing credit card payments can be burdensome, especially when several cards are available. Keep an eye on the credit card bill and do not exceed the limit. Pay the entire bill on time each month and do not miss any payments. 

Set up reminders and keep track of all the credit card payments and annual fees to avoid the hassle. Making regular and proper payments on your credit card is a must to maintain a decent credit score or utilization ratio. Late payments and minimum payments are ways of managing the payment, but they affect the credit score. 

Is It Possible To Make A Partial Payment For Your Credit Card?

Making a partial payment for the credit card is possible. This means the cardholder can pay a minimum or partial amount of the entire credit card bill. According to credit card policies, cardholders can pay the minimum amount, roughly around 3% of the actual bill, or higher. 

This partial payment allows the cardholders to pay the bill slowly instead of putting pressure on them. However, the problem with this payment method is it affects the score and utilization ratio of the credit cards. 


Relying on multiple credit cards and splitting purchases significantly help the cardholder with several benefits. Now that you know how to use multiple credit cards for one purchase, you will be able to handle your finances and credit score better. 

However, ensure all credit card payments are paid correctly and within time. Do not leave any credit card unused, and ensure that the limit is not exceeded unless it is an emergency. 


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