Privacy Policy of My Finance Mindset

At, we value your privacy and maintain confidentiality when it comes to securing your personal information. We have mentioned the details about the personal data that we receive and keep when you visit and surf our website and how we preserve your data. We strictly avoid trading your personal information with any third party and your information is secured here. 

Who We Are?

We are My Finance Mindset and is our official website. You can email us at [email protected]  if you require to reach us. 

What Personal Data Do We Preserve And Why?


We store the entire information that we see when a visitor comments in the comment box. We collect the user’s IP address and browser user agent string to detect spam. 

We use the Gravatar service to check the browser you use. We form an anonymized string and provide it to them for this purpose. Click here to check the privacy policy of Gravatar service. We then analyze carefully before making your comment and profile picture public on our website.

Neither we save your email address from the comment section for marketing purposes (newsletters, email list, etc.) nor do we sell your email id to any third party. 


Generally, we don’t provide visitors the access to upload pictures or other media folders to our website. But if we allow you to do so, you should not embed location data (EXIF GPS) in it. Because it would be a security threat for you as other users can extract your location from such images. 

Contact Form:

We only obtain the information that you input in any contact information form on We receive the information you entered via email. Then we extract the information that you have provided in the form. We stock the information as long as we fulfill your purpose of contacting us. 

We use your email id only to contact you back and learn your purpose of contact. We stringently avoid trading the data and email address to any third party that you provide in the form.

Log Files:

Just like any other website, we also accumulate the log file information. This log file data includes your IP address, your ISP, such as AOL or Shaw Cable), the browser you use to visit our site, the time of your visit, and through which pages you have gone. 


We are linked with the Amazon Affiliate program, Google AdSense, Ezoic, ClickBank, etc. to place advertisements on our site. For certain advertising necessities, AdSense and Ezoic would gather some basic data. 

Cookies And Web Beacons: website utilizes third-party advertisements to fund and support the site. These third-party advertisers (Google AdSense Program and many more) principally use cookies and web beacons to place advertisements on our website.

These cookies and web beacons convey information like IP address, ISP, browser used for visiting the site, and sometimes whether or not you have Flash installed. This process includes geo-targeting (showing Arizona hospitals to people living in Arizona) and presenting relevant ads to the users that they like based on the site they browse. 

You can choose some functions of the cookies and third-party cookies to be disabled from our site’s settings. You may use managing preferences like Norton Internet Security for the same purpose. However, this can substantially restrict your access to our website as well as to other sites. You would be restricted from logging in to some specific applications and services, like accounts or forums. 

It is better to input and save all the basic information with cookies before commenting so that you won’t be required to fill out the information again and again. The cookies store the data for a year. 

For regular visitors having an account with us, we apply temporary cookies to see whether your browser accepts cookies or not. Such cookies don’t save your information and close as you leave the website. 

We preserve your login data and screen display preferences with login cookies. These cookies survive for a year while the life of the login data is two days. We save your login details for two weeks if you select the option ‘Remember Me’. The cookies are deleted as soon as you log out.

We deploy a cookie on your server if you work on a piece. This dies out in a day and doesn’t obtain any personal information except the post id. 

Embedded Content For Other Websites:

Sometimes we use content from other websites (images, videos, etc.). These embedded content would behave similarly like it behaves when you visit those websites.

These external websites sometimes deploy cookies, collect data about you, use third-party tracking, and watch your behavior with the embedded content, and track your activity if you log in to these sites.


We use some automatic data collection technologies like Google Analytics to collect data about your browsing behavior, device, etc. This information may include your location, online browsing pattern, behavior on our site, and the interaction between our website and your computer. We also learn about your computer system, IP address, operating system, browser prototype, and your Internet connection. 

We use such data for statistical purposes and no personal data are included in this information. We collect the data only to improve the website’s performance and contributions. 

Click here if you don’t want to be a part of the services of Google Analytics, and want to avoid tracking by Google Analytics. Click here to learn more about how Google receives and uses your data.

Who We Share Your Data With:

We rigorously avoid trading or exchanging your personal data with any party. The third-party email provider we use only saves your email id if you sign up for our email newsletter. Click here to learn more.

How Long We Retain Your Data: 

As you comment on our website, we save the comment and metadata forever. We do this to examine and track the follow-up comments automatically without any further trouble. 

As you sign up or enroll on our website (if any), we collect all the information that you give in the user profile. Except for the username you enter, you can edit and delete any other information that you have provided. Remember that the website administrators also have the right to edit and see this data. 

What Rights You Have Over Your Data:

As you comment on our site or sign up with us, you have the right to ask for an exported file of your personal information that we have stored including the information you have provided us. you may also request to delete all the information we have. However, we are obliged to keep some information for regulatory, statutory, or security purposes.

Where We Send Your Data:

We have an automated spam detection service that monitors the visitors’ comments. 

Our Contact Information:

If you are interested in learning how we handle your data, you can contact us at ’email id’. You can also reach us if you like to know what personal information we have stored or if you want us to discard all the collected data about you.

Additional Information:

How We Protect Your Data:

My Finance Mindset uses third-party software like MemberPress, SendOwl, Stripe, and PayPal for financial exchanges. We avoid keeping any financial data with us. For more details, you can visit the link of each site and check their privacy policies.